Spring 2017

In-person registration will be held on Saturday, March 25th from 9am to 1pm. After this date, mail-in registrations are accepted, if space is available. ALWAYS INCLUDE A SELF-STAMPED ADDRESSED ENVELOPE FOR CONFIRMATION AND MATERIALS LIST. Registration checks are payable to the Arnolds Mills Community House. Material’s fees are payable to the instructor. Fees are non refundable unless the class is cancelled. The AMCH is located at the junction of Hillside Road and Abbot Valley Run Road in Cumberland.


SPRING BUNNY: This whimsical spring bunny is part March Hare and part Easter Bunny. With his moss capped head, bow tie and basket of goodies.                                                   Reg. fee $ 7+ $ 15 materials                                                                                                        Wednesday, April 5th, 6:30 – 9:30pm                                                                                       Christine Macaulay, Instructor

RABBIT PENNY RUG DOOR HANGER: Wool fabric is used to male this Springtime decoration for the inside door of your house. It features a blanket – stitched rabbit with flowers surrounding it. It is approximately 8” x 6” with a hole to slip on the doorknob. All supplies are included in this class, just bring a scissors.                                                          Reg. fee $7 + $10 materials                                                                                                         Thursday, April 6th, 6:30 – 9:30pm                                                                                Robin Langevin, Instructor.

SPRING WREATH: This 16” wreath is made from angel hair vine and honeysuckle vine. You will be making burlap flowers with button centers and a primitive muslin rabbit that will be attached to the wreath. Add your own ribbon bow to suit your décor.                             Reg. fee $7 materials $20.00                                                                                               Thursday, April 13th, 6:30 – 9:30pm                                                                                          Robin Langevin – Instructor.

KNITTING 101: In this class you will learn how to do the basics. Casting on, knit and purl stitches, and binding off. From this you can create a simple scarf or blanket. Bring your own worsted weighted yarn and size 8 needles.                                                                         Reg. fee $14                                                                                                                               Wednesdays, April 12 th & 19th, 6:30 – 9:30pm                                                                         Nancy Abato, Instructor

UFO: Have lots of fun with fellow crafters working on your unfinished projects. An instructor will be there to assist you in completing your projects. This will be a potluck lunch, so sign up for what you would like to bring.                                                                   Saturday, April 15th, 10 – 4pm                                                                                                         Reg. fee $10, pay that day                                                                                                                 Lee Rao, Instructor

STARS WITHIN STARS TABLERUNNER: The bold use of two high contrast fabrics makes this table runner a real showstopper. You may choose fabrics to go with certain seasons or match your decor for year round use. This table runner is made from half square triangles and is not for beginner quilters. Sewing machine in good working condition is required.                                                                                                                       Reg. fee $14                                                                                                                            Thursdays, April 20 & 27, 6:30 – 9:30pm                                                                                       Lee Rao, instructor

KNITTING 102: In this class you will use the skills you learned in 101 to make a basket weave scarf. This scarf can be as wide and long as you want. Please choose worsted weight yarn of your choice and a size 8 needle.                                                                                       Reg. fee $14                                                                                                                                     Weds, April 26th & May 3rd 6:30 -9:30pm                                                                                  Nancy Abato, Instructor

PLAIN & SIMPE BASKET: A great chair side basket for your knitting or handwork, or out to the garden. Dimensions, not including the handle is 14” x 5”. It has a wooden base with attached handle. The handle and base will help to make the basket asymmetric even for beginners. Over dyed with black walnut dye.                                                                        Reg. fee $7 + materials $22                                                                                                         Tuesday, May 2ND, 6:30 – 9:30pm                                                                                  Robin Langevin, Instructor

UFO: Have lots of fun with fellow crafters working on your unfinished projects. An instructor will be there to assist you in completing your projects. This will be a potluck lunch, so sign up for what you would like to bring.                                                                                        Saturday, May 13, 10 – 4pm                                                                                                               Reg. fee $10, pay that day                                                                                                                  Lee Rao, Instructor

PINK BEADED BRACELET: This lovely pink beaded bracelet will complement any Spring outfit. Silver spacers and a butterfly or dragonfly toggle closure will be the perfect fashion accessory.                                                                                                                       Wednesday May 10th 6:30 – 9:30pm                                                                                          Reg. fee $ 7+ $20 materials                                                                                                        Nancy Abato, Instructor

CURVED LOG CABIN WALL HANGING: Let the different widths of your fabric strips do the work for you by creating a log cabin block with curves. You will be making four large blocks to assemble into a square wall hanging.                                                       Reg. fee $14                                                                                                                            Thursdays, May 11 & 18th 6:30–9:30pm                                                                                       Patty Kelly-Flis, Instructor

CABLE SCARF: This scarf will combine all techniques learned in both knitting classes adding a single cable down the center of the scarf. We will use a bulky weight yarn and the recommended size needle.                                                                                                              Reg. fee $14                                                                                                                           Wednesdays, May 17 & 24 6:30 – 9:30                                                                                           Nancy Abato, Instructor

UFO: Have lots of fun with fellow crafters working on your unfinished projects. An instructor will be there to assist you in completing your projects. This will be a potluck lunch, so sign up for what you would like to bring.                                                              Saturday, June 17, 10 – 4pm                                                                                                            Reg. fee $10, pay that day                                                                                                                    Lee Rao, Instructor

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